7 Mind Blowing Secret Strategies from 2 Multi-Million-Dollar Sellers on How to Pick Winning Products and Launch them on Amazon 
In this value-packed presentation, two 7 Figure  Amazon Sellers show the EXACT methods and tactics they use to launch profitable competition-proof products on Amazon (and generate passive income from anywhere in the world)!
We walk you through exactly how to start selling on Amazon. 

From start to finish, we show you the ropes of what it takes to build a passive income MACHINE.

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Kevin King

7-Figure Seller
Founder of Freedom Ticket
In E-commerce since 1995

Manny Coats

7-Figure Seller
Host of the AM/PM Podcast
CEO & Founder of Helium 10
About Kevin King and Manny Coats
Kevin King
Kevin is one of the most sought-after speakers in the Amazon industry, speaking at events all over the world: Kiev, Austin, Las Vegas, San Diego, Hawaii, Cancun, New York, London, Germany, Seattle and Hong Kong.

Kevin has built multiple e-commerce businesses and launched dozens of private label brands.

Kevin mentors students who collectively generate over half a Billion dollars in sales per year.
Manny Coats
Manny Coats is a serial entrepreneur, and a valued internet marketing coach since the late 1990s. 

He’s a regular speaker at Amazon conferences and has created the largest active community of Amazon sellers to date.

Manny is the Founder and CEO of Helium 10 – the leading software for Amazon sellers, the host of the AM/PM Podcast and Co-Founder of an exclusive mastermind group for high-level Amazon sellers.
The Best 2 Hours You’ll Spend This Year
What You're Going To Find Inside This
FREE Online Training:
  • Expert Advice On Gaining Rank On Amazon - Get continued training as things change and new features are added allowing you to grow with our training 
  •  Easy To Follow Gameplan - allow you to take the right steps in order to begin manifesting enormous shifts in your business, starting today. 
  •  Free Sourcing Strategy - Cut out the confusion and source with the Pros!
  • How To Increase Sales and Reviews - 100% ethically and within Amazon's Terms of Service.
  • ... And So Much More! 
Product Research
How to find rare and niche products that no one else is looking for - that also have massive followings of hungry buyers
Roadmap to Success
Learn sourcing tricks that will save you time and money, practiced by our entire group of elite Amazon sellers
Increasing Sales
How to TRIPLE the number of reviews, ethically and 100% within TOS, giving you a massive leg up on the competition
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